We just entered Into the year of the Dog, Darren Design wishes all readers a prosperous year. It is a good time to transform your home into a modern and refreshing place.  This home we just finished is 10 years old. The owner is an expatriate. He loves the minimalist style of design. The family has four people living together, so for more storage space is needed. My design uses light white tones, allowing more light to reflect. The space is full of visual tension, virtually magnifies the area of ​​the living room, and the open kitchen design also makes the living room look more spacious and brighter.

Dining area incorporates a clever use of the pull out table design, a distinctive style,  one can easily hide it when not in use, freeing more space of the dining/living room. In the ceiling, we installed a new type of leafless fan (Exhale Fan), which can adjust the temperature of the entire space, maintain air circulation, and save the cost of electricity. A smart sir control system called  Ambi Climate is also used. It has multiple sensors to detect the temperature, humidity, weather and other environmental factors.

The floor linking the corridor comes with a simple wooden style. The addition of  the hidden TV cabinet, wall paintings and soft lighting eliminates visual fatigue, so that the functional area looks more beautiful and practical. We put a mirror cabinet in the bathroom with the golden tone, a touch of nobleness. The luminous effect of the mirror also makes the space transparent and bright. The use of glass to separate the wet and dry area of the bathroom is intended to enhancing visual space of the bathroom.

Customized loft beds are used in the bedrooms to make good use of the floor space. Spaces below the bed are designed into a desk and storage cabinet.