Client is a foreigner who loves the dynamic design of modern style and needs more room for family gathering. We designed different styles of sleeping rooms and creates a unique space for each family member. We also introduced a lot of smart home devices.  A chic, modern minimalist style is used. While we may be used to seeing more traditional spaces for families to gather, there are plenty of ways to dress them up while still being practical. Custom furniture is made with flexibility to meet the requirements of household storage.

Stepping in, the open floor plan provides natural lighting visibly shaded by blinds over the sofa. Guests will also notice a dining area that appears to be smaller than the living room yet still looking spacious with its bright shades of white and light grey. Large open kitchen area increased the size of the living room, so that children have more space for activities.

A smart home system with electric curtains, automated lighting and intelligent air-conditioning monitoring system is also deployed.