Embracing minimalism in no way means that your design has to be any less creative. In fact, when you’re not bogged down in complex visuals, you often get a chance to explore clever relationships hidden within the design. We shall illustrate below how to use various items to enhance the features of minimalist design. 

Paintings and Decorative items

Paintings and ornaments can play a decorative role, both in line with the characteristics of modern minimalist style, but also with a sense of art, to avoid over-monotonous in the entire space. Abstract paintings, simple chic vases and metal crafts are more appropriate.

Choice of Fabric

Use cloth with geometric patterns to enhance the look and feel of furniture, carpets and curtains. Introducing a little bit of texture into the design can give it that added depth and effectiveness without foregoing  minimalist aspirations. Texture works particularly well when it’s balanced out with clean, flat colours.


Use interesting and modern designer style lamp for all rooms to create a sense of symbolism.