Hiring an interior design company can easily deal with the problems caused by renovation projects in a busy life from a professional point of view. Whether it is a new residential or an old house renovation, hiring an interior design company can save time and professionally solve the problems. There are many types of interior design companies in Hong Kong with different styles and quality of service. Here are five things to consider if you want to hire an interior design firm.

【Set budget】

The cost of an interior design company will vary according to the design style of the area of ​​the unit. If the designer is required to make substantial changes in the unit or dismantle and rebuild the whole house, the budget will inevitably increase.

【Understand your personal preferences】

Professional designers will strike a balance between satisfying your personal preferences and providing professional advice. Guests can also collect information online (Eg: Pinterest) or get inspiration from design magazines such as colour distribution and materials.

【Keep in touch with designers】

A successful design project requires the cooperation of all units, expressing your ideas more, and they can understand your preferences. At the same time, the company will also participate in giving professional advice when customers purchase materials or furniture.

【Read the quotation carefully】

A clear and detailed quotation can avoid disputes caused by problems between the two parties in the future. The quotation will generally list the included items and dimensions, etc. If there is any vagueness in the quotation, you should make it clear to the design company before signing the contract.

【Carefully check after completion】

The most crucial part after completing the design project is acceptance. Darren Design & Associates provides the checklist of each project. If there is any problem that was found, you can discuss it with the designer and the master immediately.

The interior design and renovation project is complicated and requires lots of time and thought. Hiring a reliable interior design company can reduce the troubles and get professional advice and solutions during the renovation. Want to learn more about these apartments? What could we do to your residential space? Get in touch with us now, our professional interior designer of Hong Kong will contact you shortly.