The continuously prosperous Hong Kong property market has indirectly stimulated the market demand for the design and decoration industry. However, not all interior designers are equal in their works and quality. Many of the new home owners have chosen inferior designers or contractors because of their unfamiliarity with renovation projects. The disputes concerning renovation projects have been heard from time to time.

In fact, the renovation contractor (locally called Shi-fu) is only responsible for the construction work, with little knowledge of interior design. If the project involves just one or two rooms and if you have certain understanding of the decorating process or building materials, it is of course the most direct practice to find a Shi-fu to construct according to your own design. But it is also necessary to find a suitable one. If a friend introduces a trustworthy Shi-fu, it is best.

In case of large amount of work or the decoration of the whole house, or involving water and electricity works, it is still relatively safe to look for interior designers. In addition to giving you advice on space planning, the designer will provide precise drawings and renderings. It will also help you co-ordinate the entry time of various types of craftsmen, such as utilities, carpentry, plastering, pipelines, air-conditioning, etc. If these decoration orders are slightly wrong or different, there would be friction between the workers of the type of work and it will affect the overall progress and quality.

Before looking for a designer, readers are advised to first understand their real needs. The designer will not know about your home life. Good designers will learn about your requirements and suggest design styles through communication and interviews. Combining years of rich experience and a unique aesthetic perspective, a good designer will give you a good idea and advance answers to many problems that may arise during the renovation. Therefore, looking for designers must first look at their experience in the industry and past design work.

Secondly, high-quality designers provide personalized creative services. It is very important to find a designer who is good at communication and enables both parties to fully understand the project content. Effective negotiation can avoid disputes.

Thirdly, try to know the designer's construction team. Look at their construction photos, and even ask the design company to arrange an on-site visit of its ongoing renovation case. It will help you determine the design company's reputation and quality. It is preferable to increase the decoration budget than to hire an inferior designer. After all, the renovation may last for more than ten years before it needs updating. Choosing a designer with credit and responsibility can guarantee the quality of living.

In the end, while the Internet is well-developed, readers may wish to discover their favorite design pictures on the Internet. For example, use pinterest to collect pictures and share them with designers. In recent years, a number of design and decoration matching platforms have emerged. Users may submit requests on the Internet and the platform will help you find a few design company and get quotations for you. Generally, the designers who have verified their status through the platform are also trustworthy. Readers can also check the design company’s facebook and website to see how many fans the company has, and whether the online content is updated frequently. This can help people choose the right company. In fact, the designer also hopes to find “good clients” who appreciate their design style.