The owner is a businessman, often welcoming friends into his home. Designer uses earth tone color, revealing the entire room, full of style!

Darren said: "The texture of the wallpaper combined with the irregular triangle and decorated with oval metal, is the unique way of my signature technique "Geometric Shape and Texture" to create a natural and seamless feel. I spend a lot of time picking the color from the existing marble, taking into account the color of the platform with the wall and wood color match.


His wife asked: "Is it better to use wood or stone for the floor?"

Darren: "The platform is made of large-sized light-colored sandstone blocks with a small number of openings to enhance the sense of space. Tiles are more durable, the stone blocks can be slippery, but there are no elderly people at home.

"Does false ceiling make the space smaller?"

Darren: "Today's LED lighting only needs 5CM space, false ceilings can correct the uneven construction of cement, lighting installation is also much easier, after the paint work the ceiling can be smoother and look perfect!"

"How about bathtub or shower, there is leaking in the bathroom now!"

Darren: "It is advisable to keep one bathtub and the other one to be a shower. The shower has more functions and the waterproofing of the bathroom must be completely done."


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