Caribbean Coast, Tung Chung, Hong Kong

Nature: Residential Design - California Dreaming

Concept:  Known for its laid back, carefree style, California home is all about good vibes and well-balanced spaces. Stepping into this cool home for a young lady at her 30s, you can feel immediately her passion about living a life of style.

The living room design is all about playing with contrast. And nothing makes modern pieces like the sleek dining table set and TV cabinet stand out more than being surrounded by some classic designs. The traditional patterned rug, mirror-decorated door with European influence and cupboard that comes with an Oriental touch, all are thoughtfully curated to bring out a stylistic contrast.

The bathroom is the love of the owner and her besties. The seafoam green accent liven up the space with a coastal feeling, yet appears perfectly balanced with the luxurious elements like marble sink, framed mirrors and gold-tonedwall lamps. All elements together with the vivid greenery wall makes the space a great escape for ultimate relaxation.

With the same chic and causal tone, the living and study rooms are designed with less contrasting colors but still keepto play up the California style, thanks to the statement pieces like the bold, gold oval décor in leaf print, and also a seawave-like marble desk. All these small design details have not only help frame the space but also offer balance with a mix of different texture.

Darren Au-yeung - Chief Designer