Cornell Centre, Chai Wan, Hong Kong

Nature: Loft studio infused with industrial touches

Concept:  High ceilings, big space, huge windows, all of these are features that are perfect for building a Loft house. Open-space concept maybe a dream layout for many, but this studio, located at Cornell Centre in Chai Wan is a multipurpose space that requires careful planning to accommodate work and rest of its owners.

With its double-deck design, thanks to the high ceilings, the lower floor is designed to be a chilling space, of which one can not only explore simple cooking but to indulge themselves in movies and music. The area is also spacious enough to be set home for different entertainment facilities like bicycles, fitness and AV equipment. Infused with different industrial elements including exposed brick wall, metal frames and clement floor, the house effortlessly defining itself as an urban loft studio.

Bridging up the lower and upper floor are two floating staircase that leads to a workspace, which is equipped with plenty of bookrack and hidden storage, and helps transforming this tiny area into a tidy and fully functioning workstation. It is especially valuable for those who works in arts and creative industry. Getting worn-out after midnight work? Not to miss is the cosy loft bed that provides the perfect relaxing space for a nap or comfortable stay.

Darren Au-yeung - Chief Designer