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我地訂造全屋傢俬,設計得非常貼心,整體風格都很滿意。設計師服務很好,十分切合我們需要。自問係要求非常高同奄尖,但Darren Design團隊各方面都令我感到安心,平時工作咁繁忙都可以放心交晒比佢地規劃,令我唔需要擾心。最後效果圖同現場一樣,真係好靚!裝修期間到完成都冇勞氣!品質,態度,誠信都讚!多謝Darren Design!

--Joyce Kwok--

設計師很好,心思細密,擁有專業設計知識,聆聽我的需求後提出方案。例如孩子睡房舆書房想隨時切換,設計師都能一一滿足要求。而且他們能夠準時完工亦無隱藏式收費,優質手工及用料,交貨後亦提供細心管理服務。如果有親友裝修我也會推薦 Darren Design!

--Ruby Cheung--

Super satisfied with a home design. The designer understood what style that I liked. I love the hotel-style in my bedroom and the designer can make it the same as the final scene. I would highly recommend it to those who need it. And I will look for Darren Design when I decorate my other home again.

--Hugo Wong--

Detail minded and very professional. Good service and excellent quality! More than amazing work and a multi-talented people. Bedrooms and multi-purpose rooms with both spatial functionality and aesthetic feeling. Very well design company with passion. Highly recommended for you.

--Ricky Lam--

A professional team at Darren Design. Listening and understanding my family’s needs and wants. Match up to my expectation. They got a passion for projects. And the team is reliable, responsive, and experienced. I am happy about the renovation from Darren Design. They are not only talented but also provide good quality and service. Last but not least, they got all works done on time. We don’t need to pay more in other places.

--Eric Lee --

Stylish & thoughtful finish to a thorough renovation with good craftsmanship & on bespoke furniture in each room, not forgetting the awesome teamwork .. Well Done!!

--Becky Lau--

首先多謝Darren的團隊每一個參與過及幫忙過的同事及師傅,其中有 Eddie, Roy, Kate, Anthony,讓我們有一個舒適及不一樣的家居,以及留下美好的文字及相片作紀念,十分多謝!上次問及裝修後喜歡的地方,太太說是書房,因大部分時間都留在那裏,但其實廚房的設計也喜歡,因為從前的廚房間隔不太好用。至於先生,對睡房及客廳的設計都很滿意。你們的專業設計是肯定的,祝願貴公司業務蒸蒸日上,各人身體健康!

--Mr Lee--

I highly recommended Darren and his professional team at Darren Design. The overall renovation details and style all met with the pre-set requirements. Darren just has the fine eyes and passion for projects big or small. His team is also super reliable and nice. If you are looking for a talented, responsive, and experienced designer for apartment remodeling, you need not look any further than Darren Design! I’m beyond happy for the renovation and deliverable from Darren. Darren is not only attentive to details, but also willing to go above and beyond to fit your requests (big or small) within your budget and without sacrificing the overall quality.

--Winsy Wong--

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