Commercial Design Project, Kwai Chung

Nature: Convey your brand identity through interiors

Concept:  Toki Elevator Engineering Ltd is a local company specializes in elevator operation and maintenance, with more than decades of experience. The challenge to our design team this time is to transform their office, by where they also make use of part of the space as warehouse, to fully functioning and effective workspaces that enable their staff to work efficiently andfeel comfortable to work in.

To convey the corporate identity through interiors, the design team has made use of the company’s corporate blue to liven up the space and build consistency throughout different zones. From the eye-catching feature wall at entryway, to the side table unit at the meeting/dining table, the use of this signature “Sapphire blue” is a smart way to achieve branding visually. Look at the ceiling,the untraditional, blue-toned fire sprinkler pipelinesare another extraordinary touch to surprise the visitors, while the tailor-made, giant gear wheels hanging on the ceiling spice up the space and represent the engineering spirit of the company.

With the use of variousneutraltone materials like wood and clement, the transformed space does not only present the masculine characteristic of the brand but also makes you feel very warm and inviting for the guests and visitors.

Darren Au-yeung - Chief Designer